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Tiger Turf Installation

Installation of Artificial Turf

Unlike many artificial grass installers, we do not roll out straight onto sand. This is important for several different reasons. With the unpredictable weather in this Country, drainage and porous materials need to addressed.

All artificial grass is porous and it is only a matter of time before the sand becomes dislodged or washed away, also this can hold water longer than normal and create a very uncomfortable area for your garden that will house smells, pet waste and become unstable.

With our system, we excavate your garden to a depth of 4 to 6 inches depending on the area and the existing surface. The area is then secured with tantalised battens to hold your turf in place.

We then install and compact approximately 3 and a half inches of non recycled crush and run to form a substantial base, this helps drastically with stability also. A granolithic base is then screeded over the sub-base to further strengthen the area, this is also non-porous and prevents the holding of water and bad smells, giving you a beautiful lawn that will last for years and years with zero maintenance.

Weed barriers are then set in place to give you a truly maintenance free lawn. All our range of turf is held together with 25 - 30 mm galvanised staples that ensures longevity for your lawn and allows us to give you an 8 year manufacturing guarantee against UV damage, shrinkage and wear and tear, and an average life expectancy on 25 years.

Our unique installation coupled with the very best artificial turf from Tiger Turf ™ will guarantee you the best value for money.